Born in Bangui in the Central African Republic, Bibi Tanga spent his adolescence travelling around with his diplomat father. After living in Russia, the United States and Belgium, he released his first album in France in 2000. Entitled Le Vent qui Souffle (The Wind that Blows), it was produced by Emilia Pianta and the Malka Family. Already, the musical convergence of three continents (Africa, Europe and America) infused his groove with a unique sound. In 2003, Bibi crossed paths with Professeur Inlassable, a studio wizard and electrogeek with whom he concocted Yellow Gauze in 2007. Together, the two associates founded The Selenites, finding a glorious balance between their soul--- funk aspirations on their subsequent albums, Dunya (2010) and 40° of Sunshine (2012). They performed over a hundred concerts back to back in Europe, India and Africa. The fifth addition to Bibi Tanga’s impressive discography, Now, is also the first time he has really taken the reins as producer. For the last three years, Bibi Tanga has also featured as a musical commentator on + D’Afrique, Canal + Afrique’s hit talk show presented by Robert Brazza.

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